We wanted to be as honest and upfront with people as possible, showing exactly where money was going, so we have always kept the finance information totally out in the open.  

A few people have wondered if the money will be used to cover our expenses, short answer NO.   ALL of the money raised by donation goes to help those in need in Cambodia, NONE of it is used by us for expenses eg plane flights or accommodation.  Our donation to these organisations is: covering the cost of our expenses from our own pockets (flights, accommodation etc), volunteering eg a stall at the local markets and other events and taking time off with no pay from work to do so.


We use a free accounting program called GnuCash to track all our donations.  Profit and Loss Statements from the accounts are located here

Donations Account - Australia

Most of our donations are sourced in Australia from our local community and from family members, Australian Bank Statements are available here. We receive updated statements every 6 months

Cambodian Bank and Petty Cash Accounts

We have to work with three different currencies, the AUD,  USD and the local REIL.  Cambodia is strictly a cash only economy.

The local currency, the RIEL is for small transaction and for amounts below $1 so occasionally you will see something like 3000 (75 c), which is the amount in Riel on the receipts.  The de facto exchange rate currently is currently fixed at (R)4000 to $1USD.

Cambodian Banks do not issue statements and we;re only in the country occasionally so updates to the passbook are infrequent.  We do however receive mini statements from the ATM by one of the donors we support.  Copies of these mini statements can be found here

Charity Status

In the spirit of deceleration, we also want to be let people know we are currently NOT registered as a NSW or Aus. Charity or Non Profit Organisation.  Unfortunately we do not  have the resources to comply.  If you are someone who loves nothing more then delving into the bowels of bureaucracy and emerging, victoriously sans stink from the other side, we would be more than happy to have you do this on the behalf of the local people,  after you contact us first.  Until a bureaucratic white knight shows up, we hope you will respect that our focus was to be on helping, not bogged down in Administration.

Another idea that was presented was to liaise with another already registered Charity and see if we could not work under their umbrella, we haven't yet followed up on that suggestion either, if you happen to be a registered NGO in Cambodia or Charity in Aus that thinks we may have a synergy with your organisation we are more than happy to hear from you.