Monday, 30 September 2013

Design and Donations


We have had several donations recently that have been very welcome. Our mystery donor, who is a local Nymboidian (is that a word ?) who asked to remain anonymous, is sponsoring a student through University in Phnom Penh via COLT. This s a huge commitment and we were stunned by the level of generosity.  We have had a donation of $100 from Trevor's mother, Ann and $50 from Phil & Chantel Wilson.

L to R: Toni, Sok Mong, Sok Mong's mother
Speaking of sponsoring education initiatives, Sok Mong is one of the local youth,  from near the Goodwill Center. We are sponsoring him through uni, with your donations and from fund raising, finished his first year and did well. Second year coming up and we wish him the best of luck.

Of course Jenny D and Richard are keeping their donations flowing to support the teacher being employed at Romdual School. A new teacher starts in the new school term at the end of the "wet season". You can keep up with the happenings at Romdual School on their blog which we maintain for them.

Garage Sale Fund Raiser

Don't forget the fundraiser garage sale is on Sunday 13th October at the Nymboida community Hall and will be combined with the Farmers Market and will be a great day.  The idea is that it's an opportunity for you to get rid of the "stuff" that's cluttering your life and give it to a great cause for us to sell and raise funds.  You can contact me via the contacts page or phone on 6649 4263 if you have "stuff" you want to donate.


Donations can be made by going to the Donations page at anytime and following the instructions there.  All the money raised goes directly to helping out, airfares accommodation etc on our behalf are all paid for by us and all time is given freely.

New Website Design

Never being happy with the layout and design of the site, I have played once again to try and clean it up and make the site easier to navigate.  We will also role out some social media links when we can get to them. Toni is not as enamoured of the minimalist design as I am.

Those of you that receive this update via email might like to take a look around and tell us what you think. 
Click the link below to go to the new look site


Recently reading the somber tale of Christopher Hitchens death from cancer.  Iin that book, "Mortality",  he made mention of a quote by an esteemed early American educator, Horace Mann that resonated with both of us

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity - Horace Mann

We took that to mean,  do something good for humanity before you pass, so thank you to all the donors who have done exactly that.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

more updates

Market Stall

As mentioned previously, Toni sells her excess produce,  grown at our property, and cheese she hand makes herself,  along with an eclectic mix of items at the local Nymboida markets. The profits going as donations. Plenty  of work goes into the stall, making cheese etc.  This week there was a donation of plants to sell, thanks Jennie.  As well as Toni selling some Buddah's from a local crafstman. The money from the Buddah sales goes directly to CHOICE at Franks request.  The rest of the money raised goes to help fund various projects we''re engaged in.  $121 was raised from the sale of the Buddah's and $47 from everything else.  Not too bad at all !

Store at the markets

Garage Sale Update

More donations to the fund raising garage sale have been coming in. We're starting to  get enough now to fix a date, so put 13 October in your calendars to come down and browse the brick-a-brack that will be available at the sale.  All the funds raised go to help fund the various on going projects we are engaged in.  The Garage Sale  will coincide with a market and will be a great morning out.