Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Charity Raffle - local Nymboida artisans help Cambodia !

I have had a couple of wonderful prizes donated for a raffle.  Thank you so much to two brilliant local artisans, Colleen Scott who donated the beautiful  painting in the photo and Laena Jongen-Morter from Nymboida Crystals for her gorgeous crystal, seen hanging on the painting in the photo.

Crystal hanging on LHS of painting

Both of these are on display at the Nymboida Coaching Station and you can see me at "The Coacho" to purchase tickets or just ring the Coaching Station and ask to speak to Toni on (02) 6649 4126.  So far I have sold $80 in tickets and I hope to do much more as we get closer to the date for the draw!

The prizes will be drawn on 26 August at the Cambodian Food Night at the Coaching Station.  I hope to see everyone there for the night, where there will be samples of Cambodian Food served buffet style! More on the food night soon.

Charity Garage Sale

So far I have been collecting boxes of donated goods for the charity garage sale. Thank you to the wonderful locals of Nymboida for their donations. I have been overwhelmed by the community spirit.  If you want to donate anything for the upcoming garage sale to be held at the Hall in conjunction with one of the farmers markets (date to be announced soon) please call me and let me know or see me down at "The Coacho"

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Spreadsheet of donation deposits

Below is a list of the donations so far !  A huge thank you to everyone.


A few people have wondered if the money will be used to cover our expenses. NO! ALL of the money raised goes to help those in need in Cambodia. NONE of it is used by us for expenses eg plane flights or accommodation.  Our donation to this cause is covering the cost of our expenses from our own pockets, volunteering and taking time off work, with no pay to do so.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My first unofficial fundraising

The official line

I rang and spoke with official-dom here in NSW about what red tape I needed to wade through to do everything legally, as opposed to doing it properly, as I  was doing.  Overcoming a fear of bureaucracies and the amount of red tape I needed to go through to make it legal, in the Australian Governments eyes, would have thwarted me and driven me to not actually do anything. I decided to just do it instead.

Raising Money

I had to open a bank account in my name to deposit funds but I want to be open with the balances so people can see where the money is going.
We had a social mountain bike ride on our property at the end of May

Social MTB ride and fund raising

and my partner spontaneously asked if people wanted to donate to the Cambodian Orphanage appeal. We were really happy with the money we received  from our friends, $130, thank you to all who donated.  First deposit, $130 !