Thursday, 8 May 2014


CHOICE do an incredible job helping the peoples on the rural outskirts of the madness that is Phnom Penh.

Transporting Pigs to market

We spent a day with them, catching up with what they're doing.  We donated U$500 to help them continue their work.

Dharra taking the donation for CHOICE

A drop in the bucket for their ongoing costs but it all helps.

One important part of the CHOICE center is a sewing area where local women make the school uniforms, receive training and the chance to earn some money by making handicrafts.  We bought some of their handmade items to sell at the local Nymboida market.

Ladies hard at work

The centre also provides extra school classes in English and Computing as well as medical facilities that visiting medical professionals can use when they donate  their time. Choice have established a network of western medical professionals so extensive that there are always doctors available.
Volunteer dentist from the USA
CHOICE also transport children in and out from the nearby rural villages so they can attend the Centre and attend school.

Rear of truck fitted with seats for transporting the children

In Cambodia, children attend school either in the morning or the afternoon,  the rest of the time they stay at the centre participating in extra curricular activities before jumping in the bus and heading home.  While they're at the centre the children are also provided with a meal

Cooking Lunch

In between doing all of that, CHOICE deliver drinking water to the villagers, who have no access to any and live  beside polluted open drains

Water delivery

Drains are used for bathing, washing, toileting and contain agricultural and industrial pollutants

Village life is a combination of hope, despair and pragmatism.

Typical village house perched over the drain

Row of houses

We have nothing but admiration for the peoples living under these conditions and their resilience in the face of the comparative harshness of their life

We can't say enough about the wonderful job these guys do and we will continue to support them with your donations. We also want to thank the staff and volunteers of CHOICE for allowing us to interrupt their busy schedule

This was the first visit by Trevor (hence all the photo's and the third by Toni)

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Cambodian Organisation for Learning and Training

While in the Capitol, Phnom Penh we visited one of the organisations who are really making positive changes to the lives of some of the poorest people in Cambodia. By focusing on education and learning, their efforts will be permanent and longlasting.
We bought some beautiful sarong bags from their sewing room which have already sold at our local market. Hindsight being a fine thing, we should have bought many more. By purchasing these bags the money benefits COLT and the proceeds from the market sales goes right back to the donations account. Win win.

Sewing room at C.O.L.T

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Romduol school

Romduol School

We managed to catch up with the group helping support the Romduol School at Ream Rv.  We attended one of their monthly meetings and took a visit to the school to see how things were progressing.

There has been some construction to build a fence around the school

One of the members installed fans in the classrooms, coke bottle lights (black when the doors closed) in the toilets etc

Fans installed

but there is ever work to be done, the playground equipment is in need of repair, and desks etc but the group are facing many challenges.

Playground equipment


Many thanks to the guys doing a great job there, they are getting back on track after some recent hiccups.