Wednesday, 25 June 2014


A few updates about what's been happening

Fashion Auction

Unfortunately we have had to cancel this event, hopefully we can reschedule at a later date

Market Stall

We had several leftover items from the Bric a Brac sale we had a while back plus some several other donated items. Some lovely locals; Dave and Laena volunteered to man a Market Stall and sell what they could, many thanks for their efforts. They raised another $70 !

A huge thanks to Joan for her donations of baked goods and home made items that she donates so we can sell at the Market Stall.  If anyone else would like to donate baked goods or produce, that would be wonderful.  If anyone else would like to volunteer to man the stall on a Sunday once a month, that would be awesome. At the moment Toni can only commit to every second stall. If we had a volunteer to take over the stall once a month, we could be at all of the markets ! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to volunteer to man it on the alternate date.  Contact Toni on 6649 4263 or via email

We currently sell handmade goods from the organisations in Cambodia we support, excess produce from our garden, Toni's home made cheese and donated items from members of the community.

Typical Market Stall

In Cambodia

Just a reminder as to where the money goes that is generously donated by the community

Community Liaison

As part of our ongoing commitment to the Goodwill Center in Sihanoukville, we have committed to employing a Community Liaison  worker.  There are a whole range of issues of violence that are difficult to deal with that keep some children away from education and with that being our focus, we have decided to fund this project for six months and then reevaluate it

Srey Touch

English Teacher

Also as part of our commitment we are paying the wages of an English teacher for extra English classes. This is an ongoing commitment. We have seen amazing progress in the childrens English language skills.

Food drops

Continued food drops with the support of Goodwill Centre, to encourage the poorest families to send their kids to school instead of keeping them at home to work

Food drop recipient

Food drop recipient

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Charity Fashion Auction Fundraiser


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A great night out for the ladies at Walkers Hotel in South Grafton, right on the beautiful Clarence River.  Book a table and bring your friends. Donate a quality item to be auctioned and bargain for one in return. A great way to purchase a beautiful piece of clothing, jewellery or accessory for a fraction of the usual price.

Most ladies own a dress, handbag or jewellery which they bought on a whim or no longer suit their tastes. Here is an opportunity to turn those items into donations to benefit the children of Cambodia.

Please forward this information to your workmates and friends. You can print the flyer in this link to post in your lunchrooms or staff notice boards:

Bookings essential. Complete the form below if you want to be a part of changing childrens lives: