Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy Khmer New Year... but wait, there's more !


Once again a HUGE thank you to Richard at Nymboida for the generous ongoing donation he has set up, I and the people of Cambodia we help with the funds really appreciate it, small amounts go a LONG way over here. As an example, a bowl of soup is around $8 in Australia but only $1.50 here.   If anyone else wishes to make small regular donations, just set it up from  your online banking and let me know !  The details on where to deposit are on the left hand side, at the top of the blog.

Khmer New Year

or Chaul Chnam Thmey to those of us over here, officially starts on 13 April for 3 days.  The week prior and after various schools shut for various lengths of time.  It seems odd to those of us used to the more strict regime set by the various state based authorities in Australia but it seems a little more parochial over here.  Otres school is shut for a couple weeks but other schools aren't.  The festivities will build until the dates themselves, next weekend.

Rum Dual School

After being approached by the volunteers that help support this small rural school, under the auspices of a Commander in the Cambodian Armed Forces (the school is on his land and the army is very much in charge over here)  they asked if we should sponsor $25 to a pay a couple of the local village men to finish painting the second classroom and purchase a bag of concrete to allow them to concrete the school playground equipment into the ground, currently the donated equipment was sitting on the ground.  We have been working on other projects for them, some advice and support on administration, business card and web site design (more on that when it's finished) to help them in their fund raising.  This school is very much a stereotype of small rural, poor school.  No electricity, a road that can't be traversed for much of the year due to weather, and the other access via the river is a ramshackle ferry.

Ciaron, one of the Irish volunteers catching a lift on the "ferry".
 Altogether, a wonderful place.

Good Will Childrens Centre

I was recently approached to ask if it was possible to help out with funding at a Childrens drop in Centre, the Good Will Centre.  This centre allows the poorest kids a place to visit to help keep them off the streets, to give them a chance to use computers and an opportunity to play games and learn English.  I have spent two days there, the first day I played games with the children,

My crafty opponents, plotting my downfall !

toured the small centre and spoke with staff and volunteers.  I even managed to lose at Dominoes, and the loser gets their face covered in flour ! No fair I say !

Dominos losers' in the middle and right, cocky winner on the left.
I was invited back the next day for a party in the afternoon, I supply the fruit ! Sounds like a great deal to me and I had an awesome time with the kids.  I was very impressed with what the volunteers are doing and we will help them out.

Petty Cash

Just a reminder, you can view the Petty Cash Account to see where all these small purchases are going here


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