Thursday, 5 July 2012


Goodwill Centre

Toni has been working at the Centre for a couple months now and the other day she went for a walk through the village that surrounds the Centre to talk to a grandmother who is looking after four children whose parents have died.  This is a photo of them in front of their "house", I say house but it's actually one room of a shack, (the room on the other side houses another family) the room is about the size of the bathroom at our cottage in Nymboida Five people live there.

 That's their "room" behind the Grandmother

They share one room of this house with another family on the left, each room has it's own veranda.  All five of them sleep in the same small room

This gives you a small glimpse into one families life in urban Sihanoukville, we will have more on them at a later date.


A huge thank you to the staff of the Nymboida Coaching Station for generously donating their tips to helping the Cambodian Children, I have asked them to take a photo of all the staff so we can post it here.

Mong's Family Reno update !

If  you remember we chipped in $US135 to help this family after the kitchen started to collapse.  The concrete floor has been laid, the neighbours all helped out.
New Kitchen - Inside
You can see the huge difference between it and the original.

Old Kitchen - Inside (before it started to collapse)

According to tradition, not one but two Buddhist Monks have to come and bless the new kitchen before it can be used.  We'll be there to record it and show you what happens.

On a related note, Mong's Dad is still in hospital in Phom Penh, after falling off the roof,  racking up a hospital bill that is more than their yearly wage.  We hope he can return home soon.


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