Sunday, 2 September 2012


Unfortunately there may be a delay to transmissions, we have had all our camera gear (high end Nikon DSLR and lenses and Pentax compact camera) as well as our Dell XPS15z laptop, Nook Color ebook and all our cash money stolen.  Luckily none of the donation money from Australia was taken as it was all in the bank but we did have a fair amount of money stolen that was from the Goodwill Center, which is the worst. All up, close to $A12,000 in cash and equipment to replace we estimate.

We will only have very sporadic access to a computer so it could be weeks between updates and the only photos will be from the phone.

Sorry about that but it was beyond our control.

Beside the complete invasion of privacy that we feel, they did it while we were asleep and we now feel incredibly vulnerable.  The worst thing, we had some $USD8,500 personal cash put aside in the bank to be used to help micro-finance a small business initiative over here, to help local Khmer get out of the poorest conditions and help them help themselves  but we can't afford to do that now as we will have to replace the stolen equipment. The camera and laptop are crucial to Trevor's work.

This incident in no way affects our dedication to helping the Cambodian people. We will return to Australia to save money to purchase replacement equipment and increase our efforts to raise funds to bring back over in the future.


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