Sunday, 10 March 2013



Choice are one of the wonderful organisations which we support in Cambodia. Situated in the Capitol, Phnom Penh, they provide fresh drinking water, food, clothing and medical care. After returning to Australia I joined their facebook group and discovered that they are involved in much more than I had previously thought. In recent weeks they:

  •  organised transport to public schools for 60 children who live in remote areas and the sewing class made them all school uniforms, a prerequisite for attending public school. 
  • Three local village men have received prosthetic limbs 
  • 120 children received dental exams and treatments
The dentals treatments were in conjunction with another of our favourite charities, Colt

Sok Morng

We have had word from Jen, the Operations Manager at the Goodwill Center that Sok Morng is really enthusiastic about University. Morng sent an email to thank us all for changing his life. He wants us to listen to a song he says expresses how he feels. 'You raise me up' by Westlife

More food drops

The monthly food drops continue at the Goodwill Centre. Thanks to Jen and Kolab. The two boys in these photos attend the centre and are really happy little fellas despite abject poverty.


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