Saturday, 11 May 2013

Plenty going on

Plenty going on

Nymboida School Presentation

Toni with the kids
Toni went to give a talk at the local Nymboida School which has only sixteen students. The small size of the school was probably helpful as it was the first time she had done this style of presentation and it was quite casual and relaxed. We plan to organise a "postcard" and artwork swap with the children from the Goodwill Center in Cambodia. We feel the experience will be beneficial to everyone involved to give insight into how each country varies and we know from working over there that the Cambodian children will be really excited about it.  We will be printing the postcards for the kids to write on, then bundling them and some blanks over to Cambodia for them to respond.  Hopefully it will go well.

Kids at the School sign
The Kids were awesome and a special thank you to Michelle the Principal for allowing Toni to give her presentation.  Hopefully we can continue this through some of the other schools in our local area.

The purpose of the talk was to explain something of Cambodia to the Children, raise interest in the local upcoming Benefit Dinner and to relive the amazing experience of living there for 10 months last year,

Food Drops

Are still continuing, thanks to Jen from the Goodwill Center

Nymboida Mothers Day Market

We managed to get  a small end of Janelle Youngs market table (thank you), while only a small amount was raised, $13.50, it goes much further in Cambodia and can support a family for a week.

Items for sale at the Market


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