Tuesday, 8 October 2013

"Garage Sale" in the local Newspaper

"Garage Sale" in the local Newspaper

Newspaper Article

Toni did a recent phone interview for the local Newspaper with an article that made it in on Tuesday 7 Oct.

You can access the full article here  Thanks to the Daily Examiner for that.

Just a minor change, the handsome fellow is not Trevor but a lovely Irishman who helps out in Cambodia. The photo was taken on the steps of the Romdual School which is the small rural school  in Cambodia where local Nymboidian's Richard and Jenny are paying the wages of the second teacher.  I have included the original photo below:

TL: Camra (local Khmer translator), Toni and Audrey
BL: Sarin (head teacher), Ciaran and Donna

Here's a link to an album of photo's from a visit to Romdual School on the Ream River for those interested,
and hopefully the fund raiser will be a great day this Sunday 13 October

Call for Volunteers to Help at local Fun Run

We have been approached by one of the organisers of the Jacaranda Fun Run to help field a few volunteers.  Volunteers won't have to run. ha ha ! but will be needed to "man" the timing tent, hand out water to competitors on the course etc.  In return they will provide us with a donation.  If anyone would like to volunteer, we'd love to hear from them, as the more people we can field for the event, the more money they donate to our worthy cause.  The Fun Run is part of the Clarence Valley Jacaranda Festival.

Of course if you want to participate, that would be awesome as well.  You can read more about the Fun Run here


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