Friday, 22 November 2013

and the work continues

and the work continues

While we have been busy fund raising, it's easy sometimes to forget what it's all about, so just a quick reminder.

These are some of the people we help out with small donations of food to allow them to send their children to the Goodwill Centre.  (users who receive this update via email will need to go to the website to view the slideshow)

Other projects underway include the paying of the wages of two teachers, one at Romdual School and the 1/2 the wages for the English teacher at Goodwill Centre.  We try to prioritise education and the access to education as one of the basics of what we are doing. Hopefully this will allow the people we help to improve their lives further in the future.

We are also sponsoring one student,  through University in Sihanoukville (English & Tourism)

Sok Mong (centre)

and another through University (Medicine) in Phnom Penh


Regular Donations

We can only do this because of the generous donations from everyone in the community.  Just recently we have had two more full time donors come on on board with regular donation, Dr Andrew Black from the Bulgrarr Health Centre in Grafton and Kim Lavery from Nymboida  This is added to three other Nymboida locals who have been so generous with their donations.  By making regular smaller donations it allows us a degree of certainty to plan and commit to various projects.  If you would like to make small regular donations through your bank (very easy to set up) please visit the Donations page for bank details and the procedure to follow.

Call for Volunteers to Help at local Fun Run

We have been approached by one of the organisers of the Jacaranda Fun Run to help field a few volunteers. Volunteers won't have to run. ha ha ! but will be needed to "man" the timing tent, hand out water to competitors on the course etc.  In return they will provide us with a donation.  If anyone would like to volunteer, we'd love to hear from them, as the more people we can field for the event, the more money they donate to our worthy cause.  The Fun Run is part of the Clarence Valley Jacaranda Festival.  A huge thanks to the wonderful Kim Lavery for volunteering and her continual help is genuine and appreciated.

Of course if you want to participate, that would be awesome as well.  You can read more about the Fun Run here


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