Sunday, 2 February 2014

Microfinance and donations


One of the interesting concepts to explore is micro-finance.  Access to loans is taken for granted in the developed world we have decided to undertake a small loan with a local to purchase a "scooter".  This is a small loan with an agreed repayment schedule each month. The idea is we help but the capital for the loan is repaid, allowing us to use that money again and again.

Sok Mong and his micro financed "scooter" (moto)

We have undertaken one such project several years ago with our own personal money and that has so far proven successful, we hope this continues into the future !

English classes at Goodwill Center

While in Cambodia during 2012 and working at the Goodwill Center we identified, with the help of the Khmer teachers, approximately sixty young children who wanted to learn English but did not have that opportunity. We hired a teacher and paid his wages for the first year and the English classes have been hugely successful. The UK charity who started the Center are having difficulty with fundraising this year so we have agreed to pay the teachers wages for the foreseeable future. 



Locally, the Lavery family have recently come on board with regular donations. Many thanks for your generosity. It is the committment from regular donors like the Lavery family who make it possible to continue with supporting the English classes and other projects which are ongoing. Also a thank you to Tony Broderick & Deb Repschlager and family for their recent spontaneous donation, as well as Trevor's mother, Ann Smith in Brisbane for her's.  We are always humbled and thankful for the generosity of all the donors.



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