Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Nearly time to go

Leavin'........ on a jet plane

The flights are booked for 16th March , back over to Cambodia.  We occasionally get questioned about wether we pay for the flights with donation money.  All flights, accommodation, meals, transport etc are paid for from our own pocket, the donation money goes straight to the peoples of Cambodia.

We have a very generous friend who has offered his time to look after our place. We will only ask him to feed the animals and water the veggies and fruit trees. The rest of the time he can chill out, ride mountain bikes and enjoy the serenity. Thanks Pav

We have a hectic schedule catching up with organisations we support, liaising about on going support and how we can help with future projects.  We will be in Sihanoukville and  then back in Phnom Penh before heading back home via Kuala Lumpur.

Clothing Donations

Clothing donations have been flowing in. The bags we have may not be enough so we'll need to buy a little extra baggage allowance as well as another bag !  We are donating these to children at the Goodwill Centre in Sihanoukville, and were inspired by our friends Ciaran and Audrey from Ireland who did something similar at Rom Dual. We have bought 18 pairs of mini crocs. These are the perfect shoes for Cambodia. Unlike thongs, which all Khmer wear, crocs are very sturdy and will last the children a lot longer.

Donated clothes piled up at home

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