Friday, 29 May 2015

COLT Donation

COLT Donation

We have supported COLT (Dutch based charitable organisation working in Cambodia) with several small projects over the years and we purchase their handmade Sarong Bags

The lovely Ruth, modelling a sarong bag and scarf

to resell at the local markets here in Nymboida.  The two initiatives we support most with all the donations we pass on are health (the now) and education (the future).  The opportunity recently presented itself to make a donation to help them establish a health clinic for some of the very poor at their upcoming new centre.  The aims of the clinic as set out by COLT 

The medical clinic
In the new community centre there will also be space for a medical clinic which we hope to realise in cooperation with the German NGO - Chibodia Since 2011 they have run a mobile health clinic in this area with a well-trained medical team. They are limited in what they can do because they have no permanent, safe place to store medicines and medical supplies. At Colt they will have a permanent clinic so that they will be able to offer more medical care and the people in the area will know where to go if they need medical help and advice. The Colt social worker will work closely with the medical team so that any underlying social problems will receive proper attention. We will also set up an educational programme with workshops and training sessions on subjects related to health care such as hygiene, pregnancy, HIV/aids and social subjects such as domestic violence, drug abuse etc.

Donation confirmation (above)
€345 at the exchange rate on the day ended up as $A493.72

Jumble Sale

Just a small reminder ahead of the impending biannual Jumble Sale.  We rely on goods donated to sell at the sale, our biggest fundraising event.  You can drop goods off at our house or we can collect them from you.  Please contact Toni p: 6649 4263 or e: if you want to help with donations.

We will be having the jumble sale in conjunction with the Nymboida Market on 21 June.


We have several wonderful people who have set up regular donations into the fund raising account. Regular donations allow us to commit to projects that are ongoing.  If we had more regular donations (a few dollars each week or fortnight from several people goes a long way) we would be able to fund more longer term projects in education and health,  our two main priorities.  If you are interested in donating, you can set up a regular funds transfer from your bank account to the fundraising account, details of which are here

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