Thursday, 10 September 2015

Market Stall Updates

Sponsored university students

We currently pay for two young men to attend university. Seng Somnang attends uni in the Capitol, Phnom Penh and Sok Mong is a student at Life University in Sihanoukville. Sok Mong is doing really well with his studies and passes all of his subjects except Christianity. Why do they study Christianity when they are Buddhists? When we asked Mong he said it was just part of his course but didnt know why. 
Somnang is having difficulty with English so we are investigating extra classes for him. He is very excited and grateful to be given the opportunity. We are hoping he'll benefit from the classes and improve his marks because if he fails the English component he fails the whole course. 

Seng Somnang

Market Stall

Stall setup at Nymboida Hall

Handmade button jewelry donation (Ann Maraldo)

The local market stall is really on a roll with all proceeds going to the organisations we support. However it is sometimes difficult to find time to have a stall at every market. If there are any Nymboida locals who would like to contribute by helping us by either manning a stall from time to time or even to donate excess home grown produce, home made baked goods, home made jams pickles etc that we can sell, we'd love to hear from you.


We have several wonderful people who have set up regular donations into the fund raising account. Regular donations allow us to commit to projects that are ongoing.  If we had more regular donations (a few dollars each week or fortnight from several people goes a long way) we would be able to fund more longer term projects in education and health,  our two main priorities.  If you are interested in donating, you can set up a regular funds transfer from your bank account to the fundraising account, details of which are here

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