Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Long time no post

We apologise for being shoddy with the updates but things are going along so smoothly that there's not much to report.

  Both University students that we support are well and their study is ongoing. Sok Mong will be sitting his final exams next week and we are so excited for him. This opportunity has been life changing for Mong and his family. Seng Somnang is in the second year of his Engineering degree. The extra English classes that we fund allowed Somnang to pass the English component of his first year. We will continue these English classes even though it is not required for his second year of uni.

Sok Mong

The groups and projects we support in Cambodia are doing an awesome job and continue to do so.

Kolab is one of the teachers at the Goodwill Center and she and her family also live in the village. Kolab takes care of the food drops each month and let's us know how the families are going. She also ensures that the children of these families attend the center in exchange for the food parcels.

One of the many projects we support, food drops to get kids to school

Concert Fundraiser

We have a huge musical event being organised for November.  Geordie Little, an Australian born German based artist will be playing at our local hall as part of his Australian regional tour. He will be supported by some local acts and there will be the usual delicious buffet dinner available. More on that soon.

Back to Cambodia

and then we're off to Cambodia in March 2017 after two years away. We need to ensure that all of the projects are running smoothly and touch base with everyone who assists us in Cambodia. It's also wonderful to see everyone again and spend some time with the children and teachers at the Goodwill Center.

Please be assured that we pay for all the airfares and accommodation ourselves from our own pocket making sure ALL donated funds are used to support the peoples and organisations we've targeted in Cambodia.  One donor has already indicated they would like to come with us us March, and we're more than happy for anyone who donates or helps out to come along, contact Toni to let her know if you're interested.
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