Monday, 7 November 2016

Wow.. what a night at Nymboida's Grand ol Oprey !

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WOW.. what a night of musical wonderment

The sublime Geordie Little

What a fantastic night this was. I mean the crowd whistling, cheering, clapping, screaming kind of fantastic. First we all enjoyed an absolutely delicious buffet prepared by our talented local gourmets followed by some of the best musical performances ever to grace the stage of the Nymboida hall.

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who helped organise the event, all the volunteers who came down and helped clean and set the hall up to make it a magical night. Thanks also to the culinary whizzes from all over Nymboida who donated meals for the event and Phil W for his mixing skills. Finally, thank you to the musicians who really made the night such a success. Annie and Al, locals from Nymboida, Sam.I.Am from Pillar Valley and of course the guitar virtuoso Geordie Little.


Here's a link to the photos

Videos on Youtube

And as a special treat we have links to several of the videos that were taken on the night. 

Annie and Al

Annie and Al

Unfortunately our 'cinematographer' was busy eating while Annie and Al were on stage and missed getting video of their performance ! We've spoken to him sternly about this tragedy.


Sam can be found on Facebook here

Geordie Little

and Geordie has plenty of music you can listen to on his web site here and you can follow Geordie on Instagram here

Fund Raising

The evening was a joint fund raiser for the Nymboida Community Groups Incorporated and the Cambodian charitable organisations and causes we support. So a huge thank you to everyone who attended and supported this amazing event.


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