Friday, 3 June 2011

In the beginning

Things have slowly started to kick off but let me rewind a little.  I have always had a penchant to help others, be it from the small, like donating blood to red cross or something bigger.  Recently the opportunity to help out with something bigger has come along.

Cambodian Orphans

Upon a recent fact finding trip to South East Asia, I became enamored of the peoples of Cambodia and their struggles.  While staying in Sihanoukville, (southern port city, in the gulf of Thailand) I had the good fortune to meet with Amanda, the wonderful woman who started a small Cambodian Orphanage with her Rainbow Foundation in Sihanoukville in Cambodia. She was coincidentally staying at the same Guest house as we were, on Serendipity Beach... Serendipity indeed..

After speaking with Amanda I was fortunate enough to be allowed to visit the Orphanage she set up

and meet with the kids. Smitten I was.. so different to the kids of the western world and a delight to be around.  Upon my return to the guest house I was already planning how to help out.

The Big Plan

Back in the "Lucky Country" I had some time to think and come up with a few ideas on how to help out.  So, we have some friends who are doing volunteer work in the Ukraine who will soon be coming back to Australia. We have asked them to stay and mind our small 45 acre property while we go over and help out the Cambodians for a time.  Hopefully at least six months, maybe longer maybe shorter, it all depends on how things go and if the help we are giving is useful.


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