Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My first unofficial fundraising

The official line

I rang and spoke with official-dom here in NSW about what red tape I needed to wade through to do everything legally, as opposed to doing it properly, as I  was doing.  Overcoming a fear of bureaucracies and the amount of red tape I needed to go through to make it legal, in the Australian Governments eyes, would have thwarted me and driven me to not actually do anything. I decided to just do it instead.

Raising Money

I had to open a bank account in my name to deposit funds but I want to be open with the balances so people can see where the money is going.
We had a social mountain bike ride on our property at the end of May

Social MTB ride and fund raising

and my partner spontaneously asked if people wanted to donate to the Cambodian Orphanage appeal. We were really happy with the money we received  from our friends, $130, thank you to all who donated.  First deposit, $130 !


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