Friday, 10 April 2015

Art 'n another perspective

Art to inspire creativity

An art session has become one of our regular activities during our yearly visits. The teachers and students really look forward to it. This year we enlisted the help of local Nymboida artist Pamela Denise who donated the materials and expertise. Pamela donated a workshop where Toni learnt the process of making the items and also how to deliver the workshop to the children herself. It turned out to be the best art session we have ever held. We usually hang the art in the centre so that everyone can enjoy them but the children loved their dragonflies so much they all wanted to take them home to show their parents. Why not let them have a little beauty in their homes?

Starting the creative process

Such rich, glorious colours

Ann's Tale

We had tried to organise a group of some of the wonderful people who donate to come to Cambodia with us. Unfortunately for a variety of reasons the small group became a group of one. Then Toni's Mum, Ann was the only one of the group left standing.  We asked her to write a small piece about what she thought...

Just back from an exciting and enlightening trip with Toni and Trev to see their Cambodia. The groups they help support (Goodwill centre, COLT and  CHOICE) are doing fantastic work providing food education and clean water for the poorest families so the children have a chance  to get an education, also helping women to become self sufficient making soap, clothes and bags which can be sold to give them an income. The Khmer we met were very nice, humble people who are making the best of what they have-little as it is. We can't help them all but every thing we do will help.    

Toni and Ann choosing items to sell at our local market

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