Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Everything was awesome !

Fundraising Disco

Everything was awesome for the Princess 'n Pirate disco at Coutts Crossing Hall.  A smaller turnout than we'd hoped but with some momentum we can make it a bigger event next year and the kids that did attend had an awesome time.  A huge thank you to SMILE productions for donating their time and coming all the way from Coffs Harbour.  If you are looking for a professional organisation to run  an event for children, Andrew and his crew do a wonderful job. Also, a thank you to the Nymboida Canoe Centre for allowing us to use their bus to take the kids from Nymboida to Coutts Crossing and to Bob Warner for volunteering his time to drive them all and of course to all the parents and kids that supported the event

Kids having fun at the dance

Nymboida Markets

Toni is back every second Nymboida Market, selling produce from our little farm and items we've brought back from organisations we support in Cambodia.  The money from the sales at the market goes to the Cambodian fund, so if you're looking for a hand made sarong bag from the ladies at COLT or soaps from the Goodwill Centre, see Toni at the market stall.

Barb modelling scarves

The lovely Ruth, modelling a sarong bag and scarf

Don't forget to attend the huge Nymboida Mothers Day Market on 10 May, starting at 8am.

Due to time commitments Toni can only attend every second market (once a month) if anyone wants to volunteer their time to attend the alternate market to sell items, just speak to Toni and we'd love to have you help out ! That way we'd have the stall at every market (once a fortnight)

Jumble Sale

Just a small reminder ahead of the impending biannual Jumble Sale.  We rely on goods donated to sell at the sale, our biggest fundraising event.  You can drop goods off at our house or we can collect them from you.  Please contact Toni p: 6649 4263 or e: cookie1616@gmail.com if you want to help with donations.

We will be having the jumble sale in conjunction with the Nymboida Market on 21 June.


We have several wonderful people who have set up regular donations into the fund raising account. Regular donations allow us to commit to projects that are ongoing.  If we had more regular donations (a few dollars each week or fortnight from several people goes a long way) we would be able to fund more longer term projects in education and health,  our two main priorities.  If you are interested in donating, you can set up a regular funds transfer from your bank account to the fundraising account, details of which are here

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  1. Looks like fun! The pirates seemed to outnumber the princesses except when the dancing started! Look forward to some more Grafton presence next time! Andrew