Friday, 2 March 2012

Helping other organisations in Cambodia

A seed of an idea was planted after a recent email conversation with a good friend who had done some volunteer work in the Ukraine recently.  We recognise that our experience on the ground here in Cambodia is very limited, so why not help out those organisations with limited access to funds, instead of trying to duplicate what they are already doing or trying to do ?  A small amount used wisely can go a long way in Cambodia.  Catherine, thank you so much for you hard-work and for "borrowing" your idea.

Catherine's idea was to help other NGO's engage with their projects.  In that respect we have drafted a proposal to hand out to the plethora of NGOs and volunteer organisations that are already established here in Cambodia. Those who are on the ground and are much more familiar with the many problems faced by Cambodia, one of the poorest nations in the Asia region.   We will be circulating the proposal locally.

I have linked to the proposal here.   Those that are interested can download and/or read it at their leisure.

I realise there are many of  you that receive blog updates by email but don't forget to go to the Blog web page itself from time to time, as it has plenty of info, including links to photo's, older posts, how to donate and a link to download the funding proposal document.  You can go to the blog directly at the address

Thanks to everyone in the past who has helped out in anyway. My ability to do all of this hinges directly on all the wonderful people, many in my hometown of Nymboida who have helped out or donated and to Steve who is looking after our place for us while we are away.


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