Friday, 16 March 2012

Donor and donations update

A huge thank you to Richard in Nymboida, he's giving $A20 a fortnight into the donation account, awesome !  The generosity of some from our tiny local community still leaves me overwhelmed.

Just  to show it's not all heart breaking work, I go to a quiz night at one of the local pubs on a Monday night, for a couple of reasons, to unwind and have fun with a few of the other ex-pats but also to network with them to find groups we can work with to help out.  Surprisingly one of the ex-pats even gave a donation, thank you Tony for your $US20, amazing.

Donations Update

Remember you can go back to this blog post to check up on the reconciliations for the donations account.

Bank Statements

We only get statements every six months, both statements are available to those interested, here they both are so far, more will be added as they come in.

June 2011

December 2011

Petty Cash

Having to mainly work with two different currencies (AUD and USD) and this is proving a bit of a nightmare of accounting, the solution we've come up with is to run a small petty cash account, where we take a small chunk of money out of the donations account, meaning we only have to deal with the one currency conversion and allows smaller one off donations to occur easily.  We will post a reconciliation of that account here

Just to add to the confusion, the locals sometimes use the local currency for small transaction and for amounts below $1, so occasionally you will see something like 3000 (75 c), which is the amount in REIL on the receipts.  The de facto exchange rate currently is 4000R to $1USD.


A copy of all receipts so far can be seen here.


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