Thursday, 8 March 2012

Otres Beach - Painting Smiles School


Amid teaching and learning how to teach the kids at the Painting Smiles School, we finally managed to paint the inside of the building when the rollers arrived, the two small rooms are looking great.

The lack of teaching aids means it is very difficult for the kids to learn.  They barely have enough money to live, let alone buy school books and the Government doesn't help much in this regard, so we used $US21.90 to buy school books and some new whiteboard markers to use when teaching.

School Playground

The playground equipment has been partly painted, the holes dug and rubble placed, now we just need the concrete to arrive to concrete them in place.

Locals digging holes for the swing set
The donation money paid for some of the villagers from the local community to come and dig the holes for us, 3 guys for 3 hours $US10.

One of the reasons the swings needed to be moved was to create an area the kids can use for a small soccer field. The kids of the school suggested that as the best use of the area.  One of the reasons to give them a couple of options is being so poor, the kids have no games.  Currently the boys play kick the thong (flip flop  here in Cambodia). Someone puts their thong in the middle, the others kick theirs, the closest wins.

Kick the "thong"

the girls play "knucklebones" with a few rocks

Playing Knucklbones


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