Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Good Will Centre, Sihanoukville

I decided to use some of the money our Nymboida community had raised to support the wonderful work at the Good Will Centre, particularly the school at the centre which along with post and pre school care is it's main function.  I have committed to them to pay two months of wages for all the teachers.

Teacher wages for the month of April 2012

I had planned to drop the money to the Centre, take a photo and then visit a local village family but Sabine, the Director and Henrick, one of the founders and owner of The Small Hotel', all the kids had come out to say hello, I felt mildly embarrassed by the attention but had a wonderful time there playing with the kids. Thank you everyone for staying back and accommodating me.  One of the most ebullient of the kids is HIV positive, when you find out that sort of thing, it really brings you back to Earth and makes you more appreciative of your own situation.

The children and teachers

A little history

 Henrik started the organisation together with some ladies in England. Actually, before the Goodwill Center was built, someone used to teach English under the neighbour's house. Henrik supported them with notebooks, pens etc., and when Vall Colle who is now the chair of 'Help the Cambodian Children' came to Cambodia as a tourist and stayed at The Small Hotel.  Henrik brought her to see these English classes. That's when they decided to set up a proper charity and build a proper school. This school became The Goodwill Center. Henrik used to be one of the trustees but stepped back from his official position a couple of years ago due to being increasingly busy with his business, The Small Hotel. He is still very much connected to the organisation, and quite some of the donations are coming in through his family and friends and through guests at the Small Hotel.


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