Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Stueng ... and How !

I had been visiting the Good Will Centre for some time and Sabine invited us to go to visit a small school project she and one of the directors of M'lop Tpang had set up at a fishing village about 45 minutes out of Sihanoukville. A small place called Stueng Hav (pronounced Stung How for those of us in the West).

The main reason for the visit was that Sabine was leaving and the staff from the centre and members of the community wanted to have a going away party for her. Never one to say no to a free lunch, we tagged along.

The staff put on a wonderful spread,

Guests at our table, food starting to arrive

under the shade of the awning of the small school that Sabine had funded by raising money back in her native Germany.

Staff and friends of Sabine from Stueng Hav School Project

After lunch we had a walk around the village. Steung Hav is famous locally for it's hand built wooden boats and we managed to wander through and have a look.

One of the boats under construction
Having no workplace restrictions, sees us wandering through and taking care, recognising that if we get hurt it's our own fault and not anyone else's.

One of the boats under construction

As well as the small school, they organise other lessons around the immediate area, this being a semi formal classroom under one of the buildings of the village.
One of the scattered semi formal class rooms , underneath a village building

We then walked down to the local market
where we were going
where we had come from

and had a look 'round.  It was the King's Birthday long weekend, the kids were out everywhere.

"Helping" Mum and Dad at the market

Meat for sale at the market

Getting the produce to market

As we wandered the streets we could observe the life of the villagers without intruding too much.  Life was hard for many.

Typical village house

On the way back through the village, we went down to the jettys that poke out into the ocean. These jettys  are built by richer locals, who then charge the poorer fishermen to moor there.

Jetty with boats at low tide

Disappearing into the distance

One of the many small fishing boats, awaiting high tide 
One of the reason to have a look at the Steung Hav project was with a view to perhaps helping them out with the funding the Clarence Valley (mostly Nymboida) community have helped us raise. They have a few small projects they discussed that have potential for us to be involved in. We need to do a little  more "due diligence" work yet though.

An incredible experience ... more photo's here for those interested

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