Wednesday, 16 May 2012

keeping on, keeping on

Good Will Centre

I have been spending a lot of time volunteering and helping here lately, like all the small centres it is full of wonderful kids.  Kids who are HIV positive, kids with all sorts of issues but they are full of life and laughter.  I am really enjoying my time there.

Jenny's Toilet Construction Project aka the Dunstan Dunny !

Rather than "The House That Jack Built", "This is the Toilet that Jenny Built"

Jenny's Toilet

This is it !

Some of you may remember back to the lunch we were invited to on Khmer New Year, in mid April? Well, the toilet that was discussed there has been built and finished.  Mong, the young man and eldest Son in the family, who is in his final year of school, invited me around to have a look. He did the sign on his own. I had no idea he was going to or I would have had him put Jenny's name on it .  Some people have bridges or buildings named after them, Jenny now has a toilet in Cambodia she funded. Perhaps a plaque, "The Dunstan Dunny??

Money Money Money

Just to remind the few people who haven't yet fallen asleep reading this that they can view where the cash is going by following these links to


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