Saturday, 5 May 2012

what a view...

Donations Update

A huge thank  you to Nadine and Dave from Grafton.  They made a wonderful donation of $58 yesterday  Also a big hug to Kylie and her family from Karana Downs for their donation of $20 and I can't express enough how much of a difference peoples generosity makes to some of the poorest people in the World.

Just a reminder to those living in Aus, in order to avoid paypal fees (Pay Pal took $1.60 from Nadine and Dave's  generous donation), you can do a direct deposit straight into the bank account, the details for the direct bank deposit to the NAB account, the details of which are right under the Pay Pal donation button on the web page.


I have taken a paid part time job working three days a week, my savings were being drawn down faster then I would have liked and no income makes it more difficult to live.  While this has taken away a little from my volunteer work, it has given me the ability to interact with local Khmer people by working with them, as well as ex-pats from all over the World (other managers are from the Ukraine and America)  and tourists to Cambodia.  I work as a manager at the Victory Beach Hotel.  One of the great things about Cambodia for ex-pat workers compared to most other countries is the legality of work, you just need to get a visa on arrival at the airport and that's it.

One of the real upsides is the view. Trevor came and had dinner at the resort the other day and took this sunset photo for me.

From the alfresco dining area

Sunsets like this happen most days.... and occasionally they are even more stunning and I thought the sunsets over the back of the Coaching Station Inn were gorgeous !


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